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"The Bellaire House sits on a Leyline - that means there is a constant source of paranormal energy that goes in and out of the house. In the Ohio Valley, many coal mine explosions have happened and many lives were lost. The Bellaire House sits on top of Coal Mine #1, Jacob Heatherington owned all of the coal mines in the Ohio Valley. Jacob also worked in the mines with his employees & his best friend Jack, a mule. The old nursery rhyme "This is the House that Jack Built" was about Jack to help Jacob build his mansion and his coal mine business.

Behind the house is a Native American burial cave- they practiced magic. In front of the house is the Ohio River. The inhuman spirits have been cleaned out by Joe Estes & associates- but no matter how many cleansing or catholic rites are implemented the house is always active. There is a child spirit dwelling inside the Bellaire House and her name is Emily Davis. She used to play at the Bellaire House when she was a child. Through research Rebecca Stamm-Gardner & Kristin Lee found out there was also second Emily Davis; but this Emily Davis was much older than the Emily Davis child---the Bellaire House seems to always attract people who have the same first and last name sequence. The Bellaire House also seems to call out people with the same first name to confuse the investigator. We believe some spirits of the Bellaire House sometimes are working in the hierarchy of negative communications to trick investigators and make them question who it is they are communicating with or about, and this type of "darker" energy can be draining to the investigator or researcher. One Emily Davis was know to have drown, and another Emily Davis was known as a close friend to the original owner of the land. Emily likes to talk through EVP's and on the Ghost Box. She likes to light up the "pretty colors " of the K2 meter.In 2005 Kristin Lee was effected by two flash floods which left her family homeless. Shortly after they moved in they noticed "odd" things. Kristin Lee blamed everything but paranormal until one night as she lay in bed, she was attacked and her dog was thrown against the wall. At that point Kristin Lee reached out to Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations. She rented the Bellaire House out to a handful of renters and none of them stayed very long. Some left due to the activity and some left on their own free will.

In 2008-2012, a team of researcher's: OVPRI, Kentucky Ghost Scouts, Eyes of the Paranormal, as well as the Kristin Lee, owner & author of "1699 Belmont Street, A Portal to Hell" found that Jacob Heatherington owned the coal mine that sits under the land of the Bellaire House. When he died he left the coal mine to Lyde (his granddaughter), she died in the dining room of The Bellaire House. Her brother Edwin Heatherington was grieving the loss his sister Lyde, he also lost a twin sister when he was younger. He lived with Lyde inside of the Bellaire House. Lyde & Edwin were also known to have servants, mostly all named Mary. After Edwin left the military in the 1900's he moved into the house to be close to Lyde. When Lyde died He hired mediums from all over the USA to connect her to him. He became so fascinated with the afterlife he began studying seers and the art of mediumship. Researchers and paranormal experts believe he opened portals. Joe Estes closed the 11 portals 4.5 years ago... but we all know that portals do not stay closed for long. When Lyde died, Edwin's remaining family members tried to steal the house from him and they succeeded, therefore this is why the ownership left the Heatherington Family hands.We haven't found any research about Lyde & Edwin's Mother- that is a ongoing exploration. However, we learned that their father was committed to a lunatic asylum in Akron, Ohio, and was found incompetent to be committed to the lunatic asylum in St.Clairsville, Ohio. We can only go by the hand writing commitment papers that stated that he "lost the use of his manners" and became "Non Compos Mentis" ( meaning not of sound mind; mentally incapable of managing one's affairs) and a psychologist's advice as to what drove him insane. The cause "Business Failure." The commitment papers stated " Business relations worried him and is what caused the trouble of domestic relations." His axis also states that he has a form of a disease at commencement of attack "partial paralysis of one side of his body, stammering, ect. From the disease at the present time " The symptoms of Hemiplegia, (paralysis of one side of the body), has subsided but other brain troubles have occurred. He was also diagnosed with epilepsy. Judge Isaac Gaston ( probate judge) ordered Alexander into the Athens Asylum for the Insane in Athens, Ohio.  

There are other Spirit's, they walk along the old walls of the Bellaire House. It is said that Native Indians from Shawnee & Iroquois tribes, predominantly chiefs & shamans or healers were respectfully placed to rest.  Within the Bellaire area the other tribes associated were  Mingo, Delaware, Shawnee, Moundbuilders, and Iroquois tribes.  Looking directly above at the night sky of Bellaire House is a perfect constellation or planetary alignment to preform native ceremonies.In the mid 1800's there was a fire under the Bellaire House when it operated as coal mine portal #1. In the gossip section of long dated newspapers, we were able to see that the fire cost $8000 to be extinguished. In the summer of 2016 Mike Simpson & Kristin Lee collected native communication with paranormal equipment & identified communication with Morse Code from a different source, which wanted to be referred to as "star beings."

The owners state that the Bellaire House is the perfect place for teams to train new team members and lectures to be facilitated. The Bellaire House offers fully furnished bedrooms and a kitchen with two bathrooms to the long distant traveling teams who need to rest up, shower and eat before they head back home. We have had a lot of paranormal investigators conduct research since October 2015- they have collected a lot of EVP's, REM Pod data, spirit box data, and Big Country Paranormal captured the very first shadow figure of Edwin Heatherington. The Bellaire House has a thick energy source about it...sometimes people will get instant headaches, where as other times the spirits of the house are inviting and just want to talk and have his or her picture taken. SPATS Paranormal was able to collect flashlight data in the basement with a new female spirit- we think this female spirit is a slave but we still need more data collection.Due to the leyline we consider the Bellaire House a paranormal playground, sometimes we collect names and information from spirits that doesn't fit the history. Steve Hummel, captured data on a female spirit who had no connection the Bellaire House at all. She was shot and lost her child. Sometimes the Bellaire House will communicate names of your deceased loved ones and 7 times out of 10 we believe it is truly your deceased loved ones communicating to you through the magnetic pull of the leyline, constellations, planetary alignment, and ones personal energy connection of course.We have just begun to seriously study the Bellaire House in 2015. In 2009 we identified what was there, and have been studying the activity ever since.We welcome private teams to help us study the Bellaire House and learn more! The Bellaire House is a fully functional home that consists of four fully furnished bedrooms, a fully equip kitchen for cooking, two functional bathrooms, one shower and bath tub, a dining area with a dining table where paranormal teams and guests can eat, (or aka The Psychic Parlor). The basement is finished. The Bellaire House is approx 2500 square feet and sits on just under a acre of land.

With Honor & Protection of the good Heatherington Names- We Honor them with integrity always & forever keep then in the light of God & all that is proper. 

Jacob Heatherington, arrived to Bellaire, Ohio around November 13,1832 with his parents to settle himself in and work in the coal industry on the Ohio River for Captain Fink. Jacob rented a little log cabin from Captain Fink to live while he mined coal. Jacob met his wife Eliza Armstrong the day he stepped off of a barge to work for Captain Fink. See Eliza's story below-it is quite spiritual. After some time Jacob became a coal mining tycoon and this led him to millions of dollars. He always stayed humble to his community, he worked beside his coal mine workers in the mines, and housed them. If for whatever reason when a member of the community fell on hard times, Jacob helped them get back on his or her feet.  Jacob Heatherington was a good man. His parents, John & Rebecca (Dent) Heatherington), came to America in 1829 & settled in Pennsylvania. Jacob followed in 1830 and joined his parents in Pennsylvania. They remained in the coal fields of PA two years, when they moved to Ohio and commenced digging coal for Capt. John Fink.Jacob continued to work for Capt. Fink (also the cousin of Jacob's wife, Eliza Armstrong) until 1837. He then RENTED a coal bank from Capt. Fink. Later that year, Jacob bought 8 acres of land from Capt. Fink which he worked successfully for 7 yrs which enabled him to pay Capt. Fink for the land. After paying off the land from Fink Jacob bought 61 1⁄2 acres from Paxton & Wheeling. He worked this land for coal. The 61 1⁄2 acres was paid off within 4 yrs of purchase.In 1845 he bought 14 1⁄2 acres from Capt Fink and that is the land he built.”Little by little Jacob continued to add to his land ownership til he assumed the enormous proportions of 677 acres of farming & coal lands as well as 110 acres of woodlands. He also owns 30 houses, besides glass-house and steamboat stocks.He was one of the largest tax-payers in Belmont County. His marriage produced 10 children (only 8 surviving)- six of the 10 are sons. All being interested and engaged in the coal business.

                                                        Lots more to come in the second book currently being written by Kristin Lee

Eliza Armstrong Heatherington was a beautiful women, and the wife of Jacob. As a child she saw a falling star shoot from the sky, and she was determined to find that star so she could keep it. She went to the Davis farm and knocked on the door to see if the Davis family saw the falling star. Mrs. Davis told her to fall on her knees and pray to the gods for protection as Mrs. Davis believed that a falling star was a bad omen and only fire and brimstone would become of Eliza. Eliza, didn't care, she wanted to find that falling star. Eliza continued on her journey, walking miles, and pushing her way though brush and weeds, until she reached the river; Eliza was certain that is where the falling star had landed. When Eliza reached the Ohio River bank she hid in the weeds and watched Jacob waving good-bye to his mother & father as they left Jacob to remain in Bellaire and work in the coal mines for Captain Fink.  Eliza, once noticed by Captain Fink, was told  to come out of the weeds & brush to properly be introduced to her future husband Jacob. Eliza then walked Jacob to the tavern in which her mother owned and operated to pack Jacob supplies for his cabin and she made him a steak dinner.  

Lots more to come in the second book currently being written by Kristin Lee. 

Jack is the famous mule who worked in the coal mine beside Jacob Heatherington. It is documented that Jack was Jacobs best friend, and helped him build the famous mansion "The House That Jack Build." It is also documented that Jacob had Jack bless each of the rooms in the Heatherington mansion. Later in life, authors and musicians honored Jacob & Jack though nursery rhymes and songs.

The Queen of Soul honored Jack and Jacob with her rendition of " The House That Jack Built"

Metallica, honored Jack and Jacob with their rendition of " The House That Jack Built" which is off of their "Load" album. 

Many Nursery Rhymes have been published voer the years about Jack & Jacob. 

Here is a song that was written to honor Jack

Kristin Lee, owner, founder, researcher of the Bellaire House; she is also the honorable protector of the good names of the Heatherington Family & their history. She is a Forensic Psychologist, and currently works as a global psychic/medium & metaphysician. She is the High Priestess of the Ohio Chapter of the Temple of Diana, which is a 501c3 non profit religions organization. She is an author of "1699 Belmont Street" and is currently working on her second publication about the Bellaire House history and paranormal research from the Bellaire House.