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The Bellaire House is definitely a one of a kind location that should be included on your list of places to investigate in 2019.                                      

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Steve Huff in the Bellaire House communicating with Edwin Heatherington



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Bellaire House Special Events

Brave the Bellaire House

Join us for our second annual Brave the Bellaire House where you have to be brave enough to stay in one haunted room for a hour by yourself, if you are a chicken shit, you can take your BFF and let them hold your limp hand! Equipment Provided! Bellaire- Bigger & Better!
Friday Night join some of the best in the paranormal field as we all gather before March 02, Grave City, Haunted Relic Expo in Moundsville, WV ! Rooms, Saturday, March 2 are sold out! We only have available Friday VIP- Private overnight rooms-admission to both Brave the Bellaire House event's are for Friday, March 1st. You're Friday Night VIP also includes complementary admission to the Grave City Haunted Relic Expo in Moundsville, WV- 8miles south from the Bellaire House! 

SALE>>>Brave the Bellaire House General Admission
Ticket $25.00


Friday Night! Brave the Bellaire House VIP- Private room for 2, admission to both Bellaire House Events, and complementary admission to Saturday, March 2, Grave City Haunted Relic Expo in Moundsville Sanford Center! Just 8miles South of the Bellaire House!  




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Nightly Soul Sister Supernatural Social 

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Weekend VIP Soul Sister Supernatural ALL ACCESS WEEKEND! 

Join us both May 17th & 18th, 2019 for the Full Moon Soul Sisters Supernatural weekend event at the Bellaire House featuring Andrea Perron, Kristin Lee and the Bellaire House Team!

Andrea Perron is the eldest daughter of Roger & Carolyn Perron. Being part of a large loving family required more space so they bought a larger home in Cumberland, R.I. Living in a suburb of Providence proved disquieting. After six years her mother decided her girls required a place in the country in which to grow and thrive.

In June of 1970 they found a glorious farm, then moved mountains to buy what was known as the old Arnold Estate; two-hundred acres of land with a big barn and a farmhouse; plenty of space to spread out and explore nature. It was the perfect place to raise a family, according to the owner, though he failed to disclose a crucial element of the experience he endured as an occupant.

"The day we moved in, he told my father: "…leave the lights on at night." A rather cryptic message. Thus began an incredible odyssey; a supernatural excursion through dimensions of time and space as the history of its characters from the ages began to reveal themselves to seven mortals who could not conceive of and never anticipated such events transpiring in our lives."

For almost a decade Andrea's family lived among the dead. They came to understand that we are not alone and there is something beyond mortal existence. Since then Andrea has become a number one author, has told her story to Hollywood and made the big screen in the blockbuster movie "The Conjuring."

In 2008 Kristin Lee & Andrea met each other at the Emmitt House & instantly recognized a soul connection! Both had no idea how similar their life was when it came to the supernatural. They instantly felt a connection, sang, danced, laughed, cried, talked about horrific times and how they turned those times around to fused together & create the most powerful friendship! Over the years Andrea & Kristin kept in touch and their friendship grew into a sisterhood!

The Bellaire House Afterlife Research Members would cordially like to invite our "Para Peeps" & "the Buttercup Brigade" family members to join all of us for a supernatural with Andrea & Kristin!

Friday night at 7 PM- Andrea unveils her new book & you will be able to hear her read her favorite passages. We will offer coffee & spirits. Afterward, Andrea will adventure outdoors to a quiet location under the full moon & galactic stars to communicate with inter-dimensional beings. Kristin Lee will operate the newest paranormal equipment to support Andrea while she connects to Star People!

If you wish to lodge at the Bellaire House in a private room you may contact Kristin Lee to reserve your weekend accommodations. You have four rooms to choose from. The attic & old study will be a combined room for a team or group of six. All you need to bring is a toothbrush!

Saturday 7 pm join us for another night of supernatural & inter-dimensional communication with Andrea! Pizza Party & Paranormal investigation follows with Midnight margaritas, singing, dancing and rising the vibe all the way to the stars!

"I have reason to believe that we are not the only life force in the universe. I'm lucky to have so many advanced associates like Andrea to help me advance in my research. Intergalactic beings are definitely on the top of my list of research. I look forward to Andrea teaching all of us who gather at the Bellaire House how to communicate to the next level of intelligence!" ~Kristin Lee, Bellaire House

"This will most definitely be a weekend of recharging our soul batteries! We are very excited to be surrounded by so many good vibes looking forward to making new alike friends and seeing our super awesome Para Peeps!" ~Dani Morris, Bellaire House Manager

*Remember we pay Uncle Sam...Two things we can expect...Death and paying taxes.

The Bellaire House Mystic Spirit Con- Gettin' Those Bands Stacked for New Roof! 

Event begins 11am-5pm- $5.00 Orange Tent Admission
$9.00 La Strega Authentic Sicilian Pasta, Drink & Sweets 12pm-5pm
$10.00 1/2 house tours/mini investigation to be purchased at the door 11am-5pm
Lectures in the Seance Room 1pm-4pm- Speakers & Topics Announced soon!
Psychic- Medium's 11am-5pm 
Vendor's Row will be held along Haunted Hill and in the Big Bellaire House Yard! 
Seance 7pm-9pm
Private Paranormal Investigation 9pm-2am
***VIP All Access Event- Private Room, All events & eats included! We have 3 VIP packages and you must call to double check that they are not sold out before purchasing below! 

Vendor's 6 foot table- bring your own table and chairs. You may bring a pop up tent if you like to avoid the sun.
Vendor Set up time is 8:00am Group 1 
Set up time is 9:00am Group 2
Set up time is 9:45am Group 3
* Pull car up at the side door and unload tables and merch to take down Haunted Hill vending area! 

****Must find street parking or lot parking. Bellaire House, LLC or Kristin Lee  & Staff is not responsible to your vehicle.


Vendors who wish to come in a night early to rent a room, please call Kristin Lee for the special Vendor Rate :) 740-579-1841   


Mystic Spirit Con VIP Overnight/Private Room/All Access

Mystic Spirit Con Seance 7pm-9pm

Mystic Spirit Investigation 9pm-2am

Mystic Spirit Con Vending Table-one table

Data Favorites

Bellaire House Documentary by Living Dead Paranormal


Rod Fogel, Lola Carter, Jeff Taflan "The Goat" Rick Hodge, & Gigi captured this EVP in the Bellaire House basement, during the Summer Solstice Lockdown.

This clip Rod was recording and we hear a deep male voice, that sounds like a Native American chanting the same thing twice.


This clip you can hear the spirit say " Don't go down there Rick & Gigi."


What we find interesting is that this single EVP has two different spiritual messages, we are not sure if they are communicating with each other spiritually, or if they are truly communication the independent group of investigators that were tying to making contact? The Bellaire House is known for spirits talking to each other at the same time.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]


Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a spirit in the basement of the Bellaire House on Aug 20, 2016. It was near the Underground Railroad entrance.  
Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a this energy in Kristin Lee's old office-room below the attic.

2009 data and first teams to work the Bellaire House Case

 OVPRI & Kentucky Ghost Scouts

As seen on Paranormal Lock Down:

Kevin MacLeod (Scoring: Horror Soundscapes)