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 New Beginnings & Partnership's

Kristin Lee- Founder, Owner, Researcher, Author

Daniel Keith- Owner & Operations Manager

Jon Campbell- Partner/Owner & Lead Investigator

Rebecca Stamm Gardner- Lead Researcher

Jeff Taflan " The Goat" Groundskeeper

Dani Grimm- Public Events Coordination Manager & International Relations

Jim Morris- Technology Manager

Julia Fath Wallace & Kat Lang & Kristin Lee- Website Development

Steve Huff in the Bellaire House communicating with Edwin Heatherington

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Wonder Box Gallery Group Session with Steve Huff
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Manchester Paranormal Public Event

Gallery Readings "Connections Group" style setting with Psychic Medium Kristin Lee April 7, 2018 6pm-8pm eastern at the Conneaut Lake Hotel, PA. 

Join Kristin Lee in the lobby of the wonderful Conneaunt Hotel, once we all gather together promptly at 5:50pm we will be escorted to a private room together as a group for a group galley reading "Connections Group." There are only 25 seats available for this event. Please be on time.   

Ticket for Conneaut Galley "Connections Group" Readings with Kristin Lee

Women in Paranormal at the Bellaire House 

                Society of the Supernatural Mountain State Supernatural Convention- Wheeling, WV

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Vendors, Paranormal Teams, Psychics & Healers

Murder Mystery Evening

The evening belongs to Gangsters, Goons and Flapper Girls during a time of Prohibition and the Bellaire House becomes a Speakeasy. The Evening begins with a dinner and introduction to the Murder Mystery. All Guests will be in Character upon arrival as you are all part of the Mystery. Dinner will be served promptly at 6:30pm and will conclude at the end of the Mystery. After the Murder Mystery, you will be divided into two teams and locked inside a defunct Science Lab and given 60 minutes to escape! Can your team Crack the clues and get out before time is up or will you be killed like a helpless lab Rat? From there, we go lights out for a special Paranormal investigation of the Haunted Bellaire House!

~ Room and Board available.
~ Dinner
~ Murder and Mystery
~ Escape Room Challenge
~ Paranormal Investigation
~ Prizes for the Winners
~ Breakfast and a friendly Send off!

How can you get anymore into one event?

Limited Tickets available for this Special evening!

Couples Murder Mystery Tickets

Single Murder Mystery Ticket  

Kristin Lee on Paranormal Zone TV May 5th, 2016

Bellaire House Documentary by Living Dead Paranormal


Rod Fogel, Lola Carter, Jeff Taflan "The Goat" Rick Hodge, & Gigi captured this EVP in the Bellaire House basement, during the Summer Solstice Lockdown.

This clip Rod was recording and we hear a deep male voice, that sounds like a Native American chanting the same thing twice.


This clip you can hear the spirit say " Don't go down there Rick & Gigi."


What we find interesting is that this single EVP has two different spiritual messages, we are not sure if they are communicating with each other spiritually, or if they are truly communication the independent group of investigators that were tying to making contact? The Bellaire House is known for spirits talking to each other at the same time.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]


Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a spirit in the basement of the Bellaire House on Aug 20, 2016. It was near the Underground Railroad entrance.  
Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a this energy in Kristin Lee's old office-room below the attic.

2009 data and first teams to work the Bellaire House Case

 OVPRI & Kentucky Ghost Scouts

As seen on Paranormal Lock Down:

Kevin MacLeod (Scoring: Horror Soundscapes)