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The Bellaire House is definitely a one of a kind location that should be included on your list of places to investigate in 2017-2018.                                      

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As seen on Paranormal Lock Down:

Steve Huff in the Bellaire House communicating with Edwin Heatherington

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In 2011 Kristin Lee was told by the village of Bellaire she had to be responsible for the Bellaire House after she surrendered it due to paranormal activity in bankruptcy. She was told that no one wanted it. She then became responsible for property taxes, maintenance, and upkeep of the repairs of the Bellaire House. She then called upon the paranormal community to help with further research and investigation to maintain the property. Even though she was discharged from the debt of the bankruptcy, she was told by the code enforcer  she was still responsible for  the Bellaire House and  she had to maintain the home or be fined daily if she didn't. She did what she was told to do. She also doubled checked the claim of responsibility with her legal team and they too stated "No one wants it, so it is yours." In late March 2017 she received a  phone call from a mortgage company who bought the bankruptcy note  on the Bellaire House and they told her she is now responsible to pay back the debt-even though she was discharged from the debt & because they asked her to repay the debt they violated a federal bankruptcy law. She called them out on the legal law they violated and then they  turned the debt over to a creditor to collect the debt. The creditor who now owns the debt is asking for repayment in order to keep the house. Of course the deed is still in her name because years ago it was never foreclosed because no one wanted it. But now some people think the Bellaire House is a money maker due to its popularity and all of a sudden want paid back. We know this is super sketchy, but unfortunately it is truly happening and can legally happen. Kristin Lee and the paranormal community  do not have the large amount of money to give the creditor all at once. WE are raising money to put toward the debt. If you have any questions please contact us to see how you can help. Our time is short and we ask for help. If you love the afterlife. researching the afterlife and the Bellaire House please help the cause by donating up above. Thank you!      

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Kristin Lee- Owner of The Bellaire House 

Kristin Lee on Paranormal Zone TV May 5th, 2016

Bellaire House Documentary by Living Dead Paranormal

Half Past Dead interview with Kristin Lee on the CJMARS radio network:

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                  Bellaire House Data Collection


Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a spirit in the basement of the Bellaire House on Aug 20, 2016. It was near the Underground Railroad entrance.  
Star Garden Paranormal Group collected this data of a this energy in Kristin Lee's old office-room below the attic.

Check out "some" of the video data listed here:

Upper Left: SPATS & Danny Flashlight - Upper Middle: SOS- Lower Left:        Fourfourzero Paranormal- Right: OVPRI & Kentucky Ghost Scouts

Kevin MacLeod (Scoring: Horror Soundscapes)